Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sneakpeeq - Chiara Pearl Mousse Cleanser 90% off! TODAY ONLY!!

Let's Celebrate SPRING and SUMMER! Locked in amber for all eternity, these flowers are a symbol of sunshine and adventure. Nature-inspired accessories are a must for warm weather. A flower bracelet adds an air of cool, calm and cheerful color to your SPRING and SUMMER ensemble. A FREE ETERNAL SUMMER BRACELET ($60 value) and FREE SHIPPING just for joining sneakpeeq!

The trick to enviable skin is to know beauty secrets like those guarded by Mediterranean women throughout the ages. Get Chiara Dead Sea with a beauty collection that includes the Pearl Mousse Cleanser at 90% off! Containing crushed pearls (known to even out redness and eliminate dark spots), it provides a luxurious deep cleansing to make you sparkle! The Pearl Mousse Cleanser retails for $120, but your price is only $15 with your FREE $10 NEW MEMBER CREDIT. SHIPS FREE! 

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