Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have you signed up to The Superpoints Network yet?

The Superpoints Network is a collection of sites where you can win and earn Superpoints™ that can be redeemed for great rewards.

To earn Superpoints™you just complete really easy tasks like completing sponsors offers, watching videos and spinning the SuperLucky Button, which is my personal favorite.

To get the most out of the Superpoints Network, tell everyone you know about it sites using your special referral links. We'll take the money we would have spent on advertising, and give it back to you in Superpoints™ that can be redeemed for great rewards like gift cards, electronics, or even cars!

I guess what is most important is finding out how you can use the points! The points can be redeemed for:
500 points
$5 Amazon Gift Card
$5 Best Buy Gift Card
$5 Paypal Cash
$5 Dominos Gift Card
$5 Jamba Juice Gift Card

1000 points
$10 Amazon Gift Card
$10 Paypal Cash
$10 Best Buy Gift Card
$10 Dominos Gift Card

1500 points
$15 iTunes Gift Card
$15 Walmart Gift Card
$15 Starbucks Gift Card

2500 points
$25 Apple Gift Card
$25 Best Buy Gift Card
$25 Home Depot Gift Card
$25 iTunes Gift Card
$25 Macy's Gift Card
$25 Target Gift Card
$25 Amazon Gift Card

And sooooo much more! 240,000 points will get you a MacBook Pro!!! That's totally what I'm going for ;) I only have 16 Superpoints™since I just started this evening so I still have a long way to go, but hey! One can dream right??

If you want to join, it's by referral only. I currently have 5 invite tokens to giveaway so hurry up and grab them! I'll be posting new referral codes as I get them so you can guys can earn rewards too!

http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/wu9qho - DONE

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