Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Word Verification / Captchas!!!

The other day I was commenting on a blog and I kept messing up the word verification. Seriously I must have retyped that sucker at least 3 times. And suddenly it occurred to me; Word Verifications are the most annoying thing in the world to me! Sometimes it makes me not even want to comment on a blog post! And then I had a second epiphany; I make my wonderful, lovely bloggers, fill out word verifications to comment on my blog! Well not anymore!!! I am sooooo happy to announce that Peaches Reviews will NO longer require word verification!!

Yes, it might take me a little extra time to delete spam comments when verifying giveaway entries, but ya know what? It's worth it. Plus, I've noticed that blogger has installed a pretty spiffy spam catcher so maybe I won't need to delete spam anyway!

What are your thoughts on word verifications? Do you have them on your blog? Does it deter you from commenting on other blogs?


  1. They are the devil...LOL I'm so against them I hate those damn things

  2. I use blogger how can I get rid of them... had the same thing happen to me and i finally gave up and didnt leave the comment

  3. Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books has been proudly captcha free since last October ^.^ I have only received 3 comments in that time which I considered spam even though I allow anonymous commenting

  4. Lady Bren: here are some simple instructions for you to change your word verification settings. I hope to update this post with some screen caps and instructions so everyone knows how to change this setting
    1. Go to your dashboard
    2. Click settings
    3. Click comments
    4. Scroll down to where it says "show word verification for comments" and click no
    5. Scroll down and click save settings

  5. Sniffly Kitty: looks like I'm late in the game! Good to hear that you don't get much spam anyway!