Monday, July 11, 2011

Make good use of your store loyalty cards with SavingStar!!

Have you signed up to SavingStar yet?? I signed up today and am already thrilled with the amount savings that are offered to me! SavingStar is a new program where you get additional money back by shopping with your store loyalty card. It’s like e-coupons, but instead of saving right at the register you get your money back through PayPal, a direct deposit, or even a gift card!!! What could be better??? SavingStar works with just about all of the grocery store (and drug store) loyalty cards (except Safeway and Publix stores). Simply sign up online, choose your money saving offers "coupons" to add to your store loyalty card, buy your items, then you’ll receive the money back in your account. No extra cards needed, you can do it all online. Stack Your Savings! Best of all, these offers can be used ON TOP OF paper coupons!!! 

To sign up just click here and follow these simple steps:

After clicking above you'll be taken to this page. Click "join for free" in the upper right hand corner.

You'll then be taken to the sign up page where you can create an account with your email address or with facebook.

Next you'll see this page where you can put in your zipcode to find all the loyalty card deals near you. Then you'll need to register all of your loyalty card numbers. Of course this deal is going to be the most time consuming, but it will be well worth it! Plus side... you'll only need to do it once!

Once you're done entering cards click "I'm done entering cards." 

After you read all the directions, click the little box that says"Got It! Select eCoupons"

The next step is the most fun because you get to pick out all the great deals like this $1/ off 2 Lean Cuisines. 

Once you purchase the deal, you'll receive the savings on your account then you can purchase various gift cards like ones to Amazon!

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