Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've been SPOTLIGHTED!!! PLUS a facebook link up!!!

Holy moley!! How exciting!! Jacqui from Single Parent Retreat chose me as her first spotlight VICTIM!!

Single Parent Retreat

Here's the post, but make sure you check out Single Parent Retreat too! She's a pretty awesome lady!!

For my first Blogger Spotlight, I am SO excited for you all to meet Kristina over at Peaches Reviews! She does an amazing job getting her reviews and giveaways up and posted for her readers. Even while getting ready for her cruise last week, she made sure she had posts scheduled to go!

I am putting the Spotlight on her! Yep, the pressure is on. Her response, I know would be, "bring it!" lol. I emailed out some questions for her to answer for you all to get to know the blogger behind the masked computer!

1 - Why do you blog? How long have you been a blogger?

I started my review/giveaway blog in September 09. I started noticing a blogging trend in the review/giveaway field and thought it'd be a lot of fun to try new products, let my readers know about them, give stuff away, and fill my free time since I was finally finished college. I absolutely love it!!

2 - What is your goal for your blog?

My goal is to try and give my readers the real deal on some really great products. I also love helping out businesses who have great products, but are having a hard time promoting it.

3 - What do you do with your free time? If you have any, that is!

I love hanging with my friends and going on various fun excursions whether it be a pumpkin patch or other season items or even having a pajama party. Yes we're grown adults, but we very much enjoy pajama parties!

4 - What would your best friend say is your best trait? How about your worst?

Well I had no idea what my best friend would say so I asked one of many to see what they'd say. Best = Openness to live. Worst = Insecurity

5 - Now, flip that, what would you say is your best and worst trait?

I think my best trait is my ability to listen and give advice or not give advice. Whatever is warranted in that situations. And my worst is most definitely my insecurity or shyness. I have been trying very hard to break outta my shell as I grow older, but it's so hard!! If anyone has any tips then let me know!!

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