Monday, October 11, 2010

Tag!! I'm it!!

Thanks to Kristin over at Keenly Kristin for my first tag!! How fun!!

Here's the deal: I answer these 8 questions, then I make up 8 questions and tag 8 people. Those 8 people will then hopefully answer the 8 questions that I made up!

1. What is your favorite dessert?

Oh geez... is it possible to have a favorite??!!!??!! I love all dessert!! If I had to pick a fave it'd probably be the Chocolate Lava Cake at Applebee's. Or maybe my boyfriend's sweet potato pie. Or how about everything!! I'm such a sucker for dessert!!

2. What do you "collect"? (bags, sunglasses, shoes, figurines, etc.)

Eeeekk! I collect everything I swear. I have a million coach purses, a ton of shoes, lots of clothes and disgusting amounts of makeup, specifically eye shadow palettes.

3. Who was your biggest celebrity crush as a teenager?

I have been in love with Patrick Swayze since I was a little baby. I used to watch Dirty Dancing over and over again with my grandmother from as early as I can remember. As I entered into my teenage years I kept him as my main squeeze, but started developing crushes on the fabulous boy bands of the 90's; Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and 98 degrees.

4. What is your "signature dish"? (what recipe are you known for making, that you take to most functions, etc.)

I rarely have functions to bring stuff to, but I guess it would be lasagna or pumpkin roll.

5. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

I saw The Social Network last night. It was really interesting and I definitely recommend you all check it out.

6. What is your favorite scent for a candle?

Apple Cinnamon, Home Sweet Home, Grandma's House or anything similar.

7. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

My black Kitson "ugg" type boots that have a gray tree design running up the side. I have been wearing them all winter long for the past 2 winters and can't wait to yank them out of the closet and start wearing them again this winter :)

8. Do you sing along with the car radio?

Who doesn't???

Now it's my turn!
1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be/why? (Money isn't an object)
2. What's your favorite outfit right now?
3. What's your favorite thing to do in your down time?
4. Where do you love to shop the most?
5. What's one thing you could not live without?
6. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take?
7. What is your favorite picture of yourself?
8. Why did you start blogging?

I'm tagging eight people, but feel free to respond just for fun!!

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