Monday, August 2, 2010

Eco Lips Review

Today, Eco Lips lip balm is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With the mission of satisfying the needs of every customer, Eco Lips has been first to market with several innovative organic lip care products and packages. With environmental initiatives in place, a focused marketing and sales strategy, award winning packaging, and a relaxed, yet productive work environment, Eco Lips is making its way around the world, one set of lips at a time.

I had the opportunity to try out a few items from Eco Lips. The first item was Eco Lips Tints in Rose Quartz. The Rose Quartz tint leaves just a hint of color and shimmer. I am super addicted to lip gloss because of the smoothness, color and shine. Unfortunately, lip gloss does not agree with my lips and gives me cold sores. Gross I know! Thankfully I found Eco Lips Tints in Rose Quartz to give me the hint of color and smoothness of lip gloss without any cold sores! Best of all, it's organic and vegan!

I also had the opportunity to try the Eco Lips Face Stick. This summer I have practically been living at the beach and on my parents boat. I have rather fair skin and usually burn quite easily. I can't stand the feel of sun block on my face and then it gets in my eyes and ughhh, it turns into one big mess! Eco Lips Face Stick saved the day! I am able to stay protected while I spend the day in the sun without the icky feeling of sunblock on my face and in my eyes!

If you'd like to buy some Eco Lips products yourself, you can check out their website here.


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