Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fresh Wave Review

Fresh Wave® odor eliminators are used to naturally eliminate odors in your house, car and everywhere else. Fresh Wave® products are created and distributed by OMI Industries, the world leader in odor control and management.

OMI Industries products, which include Ecosorb® (industrial), Fresh Wave® IAQ® (commercial) and Fresh Wave® (consumer) use natural, non-toxic formulations that are scientifically proven to bond with and destroy odor causing molecules.

Created to eliminate the most foul odors on earth, you can find OMI products put to use every day in places such as solid waste facilities, asphalt factories, rubber manufacturing plants, hotel rooms, rental cars, offices, and homes around the world. Whatever the odor, OMI products can eliminate it safely, naturally and effectively.

Fresh Wave generously sent me the Stinky Dorm Kit to review. The Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit ensures your living space will always receive a passing grade. Use it anywhere or on anything (even your roommate) that could use a good, non-toxic deodorizing. Natural odor eliminating Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit includes one Fresh Wave 16 oz. Crystal Gel and one Fresh Wave 8 oz. Spray for total dorm de-stinkification.

Unfortunately I did not have a stink dorm room to put this in. I did, however, have a stinky living room to put it in. While I'm proud to say that I do not live like a stinkbug, my apartment building is another story. There are various international families in my building and there are always some kind of strange scents coming from the hallway. It is almost always whatever food they made that day, but to me, it's stinky! Oh the joys of living in an apartment! And then of course you have the stinky boyfriend who forgets to take out the trash! I put the crystal gel right by my front door and I sprayed the couch and other upholstery with the spray. Ahhhh! My life is stink free! I can now walk into my own personal oasis free of stinky food or trash or whatever it may be!

I would definitely recommend this to everyone! I'm sure everyone has a stinky space whether it be the mud room, your teenagers room or even a dorm room! If you aren't sure that the Stinky Dorm Kit is exactly what you were looking for then feel free to use Fresh Wave's Odor Guide. This awesome guide will help to make your life stink free like mine!