Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WellnessMat Review

Safe, non-toxic, and PVC-free, WellnessMats are ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort, safety, relief and well-being while you stand, wherever you stand. Easy-to-clean with a non-skid bottom, non-slip top, no-trip beveled edge, WellnessMats are stain-proof, puncture and heat resistant. They will always lay flat and are perfect for any area of the home where one is on their feet: the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home gym, or even shop or garage use. Welcome to a new level of comfort.

Designed and engineered with a revolutionary and proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), WellnessMats feature a remarkably elastomeric and resilient core making them dramatically different from other anti-fatigue mats on the market today. In addition to providing 50% additional soft material (more soft material = greater comfort) than other leading mats, they are also incredibly lightweight, exceptionally strong, and completely durable. In fact, WellnessMats boasts the most comprehensive customer satisfaction guarantee in the industry – an enviable seven (yes, 7) year residential warranty. “You stand on it, we stand behind it.”

Initially developed for the healthcare, chiropractic, salon and spa industries to provide safety and comfort, WellnessMats were quickly adopted by other industries where being on your feet is a large part of the job. ‘Industry favorites’ include professional kitchens, hotels/hospitality, airports, and numerous retailers – all standing in comfort with WellnessMats. The exceptional performance, durability, comfort, and longevity are proven. “Our consumer line offers all of the benefits or our commercial line, with a few color and size additions designed exclusively for the home. We are thrilled to offer our line of health & comfort products to the residential customer. Try it for yourself – because standing really is believing…” says WellnessMat founder, Daniel Bouzide.

Wellness Mats generously sent me a Gray 3x2 Wellness Mat to review. I LOVE IT!! You know how sometimes your legs/feet get achy while slaving in front of the stove or washing dishes etc? Well not anymore! I received the Wellness Mat a few days before a big family dinner that I was cooking. It was the perfect opportunity to try it out! It was wonderful! My legs weren't achy, my feet didn't hurt and neither did my back. I also thought that my posture seemed a bit better if that is even possible! My feet were happy and so was I! You can check out all the other health benefits by clicking here.

Want one of your own? Head on over to their website and snatch one up!

Disclosure: I received a WellnessMat to review for free. No monetary compensation has been offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own.

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