Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kalyx Sports Bra Review and Coupon Code

At KALYX, we believe that when a woman exercises, balls are the only thing that should bounce...

Sports bras designed by experts, our team includes athletes, architects, designers, engineers, reconstructive surgeons and textile developers, Created for women, by women, KALYX has created the world's most advanced line of activity-specific encapsulated sports bras. Created with K-FORCE Technology, KALYX sports bras incorporate revolutionary design, cutting-edge construction, and top-notch composition, creating an overall superior sports bra. Our bras are engineered to work with a woman's body depending on what type of activity she enjoys.

Are you a KALYX woman? You know who you are: a woman who works hard, plays harder and isn't afraid to fall down. When you get into the game, you don't play like a girl but you do enjoy looking like one.

Our design team understands how a woman's body moves and how her clothes should fit. We place a heavy emphasis on creating fashionable, feminine and flattering apparel using the highest quality materials. KALYX products were created just for you - the beautiful, sporty, sexy, strong, and stylish woman that you are.

Our name, KALYX, is derived from the Latin word Calyx, the part of a flower that protects the petals during the bud stage, and, the Greek word Kalos meaning beautiful. Indeed, the name KALYX captures the essence of our mission: to celebrate the strength and beauty of the female athlete.

KALYX products are good for a woman, good for her game and good for the earth. No matter what kind of sport you play or what type of exercise you enjoy, know that KALYX products are for women who love to get in the game!

Kalyx sent me the KALYX "Uplift MAX" Sports Bra for review.
Sports Bra with MAX Support: Uplift MAX: Get into the game! The original KALYX cross-training sport bra. Great for high-impact sports like horseback riding, basketball, and cheerleading! Made from at least 35% Recycled Fibers.

I love this sports bra! It's extremely comfortable and gives you all the support you need. Best part... it doesn't smoosh! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. You put on your sports bra and immediately your chest is smooshed into that unflattering uni-boob shape! Grossss! Now should that be what you're concerned about when going to work out? Probably not. Are you still? You sure are!! That's why you all need to hurry up at get a Kalyx!! And right now.>. I have the perfect opportunity for you!

Starting right now, you can use the COUPON CODE: Peaches20 to receive 20% off your order! Awesome right!


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