Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grill Charms Review and Coupon Code!

Grill Charms™ bring you the fabulous new way of distinguishing between spices and flavors when grilling outdoors! I found out about Grill Charms™ while watching a recent episode of Abc’s Shark Tank.Besides Abc’s Shark Tank, they have been featured numerous times on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, 'Daytime' with Dave Nemeth and Cyndi Edwards, Inventor's Digest Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Health Magazine, Charleston Home Magazine, Fancy Food and Culinary Products Magazine, Tailgator Monthly, NBC's Chicago Affiliate Channel 5 news, and NBC Augusta news in the morning.

Grill Charms™ are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms that are placed in food BEFORE grilling. The serrated stem holds the charm securely while flipping, moving and grilling food like you normally do. Grill Charms™ your food PRIOR to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures, or to avoid health or allergy issues. When dinner comes off the grill, everyone knows which one is theirs. They are not only the hottest grilling accessory of the season, but with four fantastic collections to choose from Grill Charms™ make the perfect gift for any occasion! A new trend is the "season your own" cook-out. This is where the host provides the meat; the guests pick their Grill Charm and choose from a variety of sauces or rubs that the host has set out. Guests flavor their meat any way they wish and nobody, including the grill master needs to know or care how it's seasoned. When food is brought to the table, guests simply look for their Grill Charm. With folks watching every penny, it’s even more important then ever that when people splurge on buying that beef tenderloin filet, or carefully choose that chicken breast to spend their hard earned money on, that it's cooked and seasoned exactly the way they want it.

* No more cutting into 5 steaks to try to find the rare one
* No more offering only mild BBQ because too few guests like it spicy
* No more confusion with health or allergy concerns
* Serrated to stay in securely while grilling, flipping and moving
* Stress free grilling for grill master and guests
* Works with Burgers, Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish and more!

Grill Charms™ are the perfect gift for Father's Day, Birthdays, Groomsman, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Housewarming or Hostess gift ... you name it! When going to those 4th of July and summer time Cook-outs, bring the host a box of Grill Charms™ instead of that same old bottle of wine.

Grill Charms™ come in a variety of different collections, whether it be The Spicy Collection, to distinguish between mild, medium and spicy rubs and sauces, or the The Steak Collection, to distinguish between Rare and Well done and all the variations in between! With all these types of Grill Charms™ you know you’re bound to find one for everyone. And at only $19.95, Grill Charms™ are the perfect gift for Father's Day, Birthdays, Groomsman, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Housewarming or Hostess gift ... you name it!

Please keep in mind The Pink Collection. Grill Charms™ donates 10% of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The owner of Grill Charms™ , Leslie, and her mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer in their thirties. Leslie has two daughters of her own, so I'm sure you can understand the sense of urgency she feels to find a cure.

Grill Charms™ also does custom orders. Grill Charms™ can put any logo and tag line on the box and they make great customer or employee appreciation gifts. They are a truly unique premium incentive/giveaway/ promotional type product. The minimum for a custom order is 1000 and it takes about 90 days.

And now for the COUPON CODE! Grill Charms™ has generously offered to provide an ongoing coupon code for $5.00 off! Simply use coupon code Peaches to receive $5.00 off bringing the price down to $14.95! You can’t beat that!!

Disclosure: The coupon code provided is part of a share-a-sale program.