Sunday, October 18, 2009

Celsius: Enjoy the Great Taste of Burning Calories!

About a week ago I received a package from Alan at I received four cans of celsius and one small package of powder.

Celsius was created by a dedicated team of experts united by a strong commitment to science, nutrition and the consumer. It was important that Celsius be shown to work effectively. In fact, Celsius launched into the marketplace in June 2005 after completing a clinical study validating its calorie burning benefits. Since then three additional clinical studies have been completed and published with Celsius confirming efficacy for burning calories, raising metabolism and providing a sustained energy boost. Multiple studies have shown a single serving of Celsius on average burns up to 100 calories or more by raising metabolism over a three hour period, generating increased energy and alertness. Celsius is most effective when combined with a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. Consuming one Celsius prior to a workout may enhance the benefits of regular exercise, endurance and body composition. Recent scientific studies showed that Celsius burns fat as fuel and may increase lean muscle tissue when consumed before exercising.

The four flavors I tried were Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime and Raspberry Acai. Unfortunately I did not like the taste of the Lemon Lime or Orange because of the medicinal after taste. The Cola tasted like any other diet soda out there and the Raspberry Acai like a normal Green Tea Raspberry Acai drink.
I had no idea what to expect when I first tried the Celsius energy drink. Turns out after I tried it I really did not feel any different. There was not a noticeable energy jolt at all. This was odd especially for a fat burner, but then again I really don’t know to much about thermogenics. Twenty minutes after drinking it you could certainly feel that jolt of energy! It's perfect to get you through that mid afternoon slump or the post work work-out. I definitely recommend trying it!

Disclosure: The Celsius samples were provided free of charge by Alan at Celsius. I received no monetary compensation and these opinions are completely my own.